Act Up! Screenwriter's Showcase

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The Hip Hop Film Festival’s Screenwriter’s Competition cumulated in a screenwriter’s showcase showcasing the competition’s top 3 finalists. The finalists participated in a live reading of their script before an audience of their peers featuring the most talented up and coming actors and actresses in the business.


Writers In Competition

What's Poppin - Zangba Thomson

The coming-of-age story of Parnell Gervais—a local hustler who created a digital-distribution network that captured the urban nightlife of partygoers throughout the New York City Tri-state area.


Dollar Party - Tony Chennault

Juan desperately tries to figure out a way to pay for the repair of his mother’s flashy and expensive television. There’s one thing he can do to quickly generate money for the flat screen TV, have a dollar party.

Blackdom: The Mittie Moore Chronicles - Hank Byrd

The first all-black township in New Mexico

Diego Unchained - Virgo Velasquez

A group of High School Students create a Hip-Hop act during their
Cancun Field Trip to make a drug deal with El Chapo.


Gates Of Eden - Dominique LaFleur

Dana is the overnight supervisor of a high crisis residence of a behavioral school...but once the morning hits, all hell breaks loose.

Swans In The Dark - Emmanuel Martin Di Feliciantonio

The Miller Brothers, Giancarlo and Marcello, alongside their trusted inner circle, Allison Walker, Marcia Jamison and Skills, are now set to control the traffic of narcotics in Brooklyn North, New York City.

Still Got The Juice - Antoinette Fernandez

Losing Yourself, Only To Find Your Way Again


Choose This Day - Laura Poindexter

What happens when a seemingly unbreakable woman find herself in the fight of her life between two deities who are battling for her soul.

Ms. Green - Maurice Keyes

Sukai Nogida, a young African patient who is dangerously violent, constantly tries to escape an insane asylum, because he does not believe that he is insane.

Siddhartha: Word is Born - David Levine

On a spiritual quest through a modern world, a gifted young lyricist reaches platinum fame, but must lose it all in order to find peace.


Menage - Sidartha Murjani

Arash Ashtad an Iranian-Canadian immigration lawyer, Deborah Araujo Cruz a holistic healer from Brazil and Alec Makolo from Burundi, Africa cross paths and they become roommates.