Filmmakers Are Getting “The Heads Up” On How To Self Market And Finance Their Independent Films

Hip Hop Film Festival Founder & CEO is taking a step towards leveling the playing field for independent content creators and filmmakers.  She is holding private workshops to guide participants through the basics of marketing & financing independent film projects  using out of the box methods.

From social media strategy, to festival entry, to independent VOD sales strategy, this workshop will empower filmmakers with the tools to build a brand around their film and generate revenue.

Topics covered:

The business plan
Building your base
Social media strategy, development & implementation
Financing strategies
Strategic alliances

Each participant will walk away with an actionable plan that can be put into effect immediately.


About C R Capers

CR Capers is the Founder and CEO of Revolution Media – a “new media” company that leverages social media and large scale events to change the narrative.

C R is referred to as a “new media socialite” having produced major events from corporate fundraisers to film screenings to festivals. The events she produces provides an ecosystem with marketing and strategic partnerships between filmmakers, activists, businesses and the community at large.

She is the founder and CEO of the award winning Hip Hop Film Festival, named “BEST OF THE FESTS” for 2016. Her popular radio show and podcast “Why You Mad Son?” (which deals with the social ills plaguing the human community) has over 3 million listeners worldwide and boasts a legion of loyal fans raised in the global Hip Hop culture.

She has also directed and produced 3 films and 2 shorts through her production company MBS Films.  In 2016, CR opened Harlem Film House, a dedicated production lab to meet the needs of filmmakers who are working with low budgets.

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