Togbe Gavua is a Filmmaker who lives in Accra, where he makes Films and sometimes Music
videos . Through his production company n Collective Abstrakte. Togbe wishes to contribute to
the retelling the of African Narrative via Cinema, for until lions tell their own stories, tales of the
hunt shall always glorify the hunter.

Serge Koua | As In America

KOUA Serge Augustin is an Ivorian producer and director. Coming fresh from the 2013-2016 promotion of the School of Audiovisual Production of the Institute of Sciences and Techniques of Communication-Polytechnic (ISTC - Polytechnique of Ivory Coast), he takes its first steps as cameraman of the BLED series.

Aderonke Adeloa | AwaniAderonke Adeola is the writer, director and producer. She is a freelance writer for the Guardian and Thisday, her writing covers art, culture, interviews and gender. As a filmmaker she has worked on projects for RedTV and worked on the award winning film Half of a Yellow Sun. She is recently completed the short documentary Awani, which was supported by the Ford Foundation.

Nkeng Florence | Drowning

Nkeng Florence also known as “Princess Chaddy is a Producer, Director and Cinematographer who started off her career as a Production Assistant. Florence is New York Film Academy trained and has worked with Mtv base IQ along side one of her mentors Susan Younis, who is currently Senior producer of Mtv Africa. She also worked behind the scenes of two of Africa’s leading TV shows Jara and 53extra of Africa Magic (M-net Africa).

Paola Zerman | Fermeza

Paola Zerman is a italian-caboverdian film director, writer and filmmaker. Born and raised in Italy, she moved to Africa, in the Cabo Verde archipelago where she lived for almost 20 years, where she produced video clips, shorts film and films, specializing in the production of music videos.

Gloria Adotevi | Xoese

Gloria Eva Adotevi is an alumnus of the National Film and Television Institute of Ghana, West Africa. She majored in film editing but enjoys writing scripts and songs in her free time. Xoese is her first major film project which was inspired by a newspaper article she read about people jailed without trial in many Ghanaian prisons.

Billion Obi | Thick Skinned

Billion Obi, is a Movie Director, a filmmaker and the CEO of PR47 LIMITED a motion production company. Since the inception of the company, he has directed more than 10 films for different production companies where he oversaw the pre-production, production and post production. His love is telling powerful human stories that sparks conversations and changes narratives.

Kayode Kasum | Oga Bolaji

Kasum is a passionate Director, Cinematographer and Animator. His film projects include a two part documentary series for the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS). He has also created and directed music videos, TV series. In 2017, he released Nigeria's first live-action animated movie titled, Dognapped, in cinemas across the country.

Ema Edosio | KASALA!

Ema grew up in Lagos, Nigeria exploring her passion for photography at a young age. Ema has produced television content for major Nigerian television stations and worked as a video Journalist with the BBC Africa. In 2014, she was awarded film and television director of the year by Ebonylife TV.

Semoy Enakele | Dear Future Wifey

Semoy Enakele has directed a lot of live concert recordings, TV commercials, music videos, corporate content, documentaries and shorts. He is the founder of Capture Media Network in Nigeria. In 2015, he directed and produced the documentary Children of My brothers; centered on the story of children who were victims of the Bokoharam insurgency in the north-eastern part of Nigeria.

S.I. Abrams | Light

S.I. Abrams is a directe, producer and writer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Suve Osunwa | Uncovered

Suve Osunwa is the director of Uncovered.

Sandra Essel | Dark Spot

Sandra Essel went to Creative land School of film and media arts.She then worked with MK content/casting and has also worked with acclaimed directors like Clement Kofi Amish (Ghana), Linda Brooke Edith (Ghana).She worked as a script supervisor on the a Ghanaian film “In 3 Days” and the short film “broken wing”. She worked on Neflix-BBC project “Black Earth Rising” as a production assistant.

Y. Eniolorunda | Summer of Black Sunlight

Yemi Eniolorunda - the 32 yr-old writer/director with the flair and passion to restructure the art of visual storytelling in the industry.  He hones his craft while working with  SoundcityTV studios, IrokoTV, and EbonyLifeTV Studios.

Fuyin Gambo | Pursuit

Fiyin Gambo is the CEO of Cliq Media and co-founder of White space. His mission is simple- “to give you Never seen before images on the big screen”. He does this with his company Cliq media by honing spectacular technologies like Visual effects (popularly known as film trick) to tell African stories differently.