Nairobi Kenya - July 13th - KCA University

The world's first festival for filmmakers and film lovers raised in the global culture of Hip Hop is taking the love on the road.  The first stop on the Hip Hop Film Festival International Tour is Nairobi, Kenya.

On July 13th, local Kenyan filmmakers and movie lovers will converge at the KCA University auditorium for a full day of #Fresh which includes 3 screenings from the Hip Hop Film Festival Best of the Fest 2017 winners, the HHFF Master Cypher® and the festival's signature "Art After Dark" after party.

Best of all? It is free to the entire community.  The movies scheduled to be screened include HHFF 2017 Best of the Fest winner Spike Lee & Stephon Bristol's "See You Yesterday", HHFF 2017 Best Documentary winner, Havard Holme's " We Are The Nation" (filmed in Kenya), and HHFF 2017 Best Docu-Series winner, Rich McKeown's "American BeatBoxer: The Documents Series Pilot".  The festival will also feature local filmmakers in competition for a chance to screen at the Hip Hop Film Festival in August 2019.

Leading the charge to produce the festival in Kenya, is Peter "Pages" Bwire, who pulled together a team of young filmmakers and Hip Hop culture enthusiasts to bring the HHFF vision to life in Kenya.  Peter, a Mandela fellow, was introduced to the HHFF team as the idea was being formulated, and stepped up to the plate to have Kenya be the first country to host the award winning festival.

The founder of the Hip Hop Film Festival, CR Capers,  sees this as a way to continue to support and engage the next generation of filmmakers by going to every continent to engage with filmmakers through the local film competitions and educational workshops. "It is important we engage our filmmakers where they live, so we can understand what issues they face as independent filmmakers, what resources are needed and what we can do to support and uplift their voices."

Other stops scheduled on the Hip Hop Film Festival International Tour is Ivory Coast, South Africa, Paris, Japan, Brazil and Germany (with other stops being added).

For more information, email hhffkenya@hiphopfilmfestival.org