The Hip Hop Film Festival will honor the original baaadaaass, Melvin Van Peebles at the 2018 Hip Hop Film Festival awards ceremony on August 5th at 8pm.
Noted as the father of independent filmmakers, Melvin’s groundbreaking legacy is the source of inspiration for independent filmmakers, especially those of color who are regularly barred entrance into the lucrative world of filmmaking.
Melvin Van Peebles defied the odds by being the first Black man to address police brutality using the power of cinema with his film “Sweet Sweetback’s BaadaaasssSong”. He began a revolution in film by writing, producing, scoring, promoting and touring the film himself, without asking any studio or Hollywood entity for permission.
His biggest contribution however, was teaching his son Mario Van Peebles his love of film, leading his heir to give the world the most successful Hip Hop movie in cinematic history, the legendary classic “New Jack City”.
The Hip Hop Film Festival will present Mr. Peebles with the LEGEND (THE G.O.A.T.) award during the festival’s 3rd annual award ceremony, taking place August 5th, 8pm at the National Black Theatre located at 2031 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10035.