"I don't have hobbies but I try to collaborate with creatives as much as I can. When I am shooting with friends or brainstorming ideas - the magic that comes from creative minds coming together is inspiring and influences my work." -  Pierrah Hilaire
There's no better way to end New York Fashion Week than with Adidas Boost Your Style. A unique event and challenge for upcoming designers to show off their skills. On September 13th Adidas Boost Your Style fashion show was in full effect. With over 24 contestants and three  judges, Adidas was out to find their best designer of the night. Each designer was asked to create their spin of an athletic look with Adidas influence to match their Adidas Boost shoe. One designer made sure not to miss a beat with a look that stole the show.
Meet Pierrah Hilaire. A  Haitian, creative technologist, social media strategist, filmmaker, model and now designer. With dreams of always wanting to design, Pierrah finally made her debut at Adidas Boost Your Style. Relocating from Miami to New York in 2018, Pierrah was ready to make her mark in the industry.  Focusing on Miami menswear and what she saw growing up as a child in North Miami, Pierrah created a look inspired by the movie Scarface and modernized artist such as Rick Ross that shocked the runway.
Question : How did you get involved with Adidas boost your style?
Pierrah: I came across the open call for creators and applied instantly. I've always been a fan of the brand and didn't think I would be one of the designers chosen. There were thousands of applicants and I appreciate the brand for giving us the opportunity to design. We had roughly 3 weeks to pull everything together - from the first workshop to the runway show.
Question: What got you into fashion?
Pierrah: I've always loved fashion and followed fashion blogs like Tavi Gevinson's since I was in middle school. It wasn't until I got into college that I started modeling in Miami. I've always wanted to work in the industry and modeling has been my way in. Back then, I would study 90's runway and the designs that the models wore. Now after designing, I see the work that goes into the looks before casting and appreciate fashion even more.
Question : What story were you trying to tell with your look?
Pierrah: The challenge was to create a look around an Adidas Boost shoe, hence #BoostYourStyle. When it was time to choose a shoe I originally wanted to do a women's look so I was looking through those but when I came across the men's Nite Jogger I instantly picked it up - it reminded me of Miami. The neutral colors and pop of orange of the shoe reminded me of the sandy beaches and neon lights on Ocean Drive. Growing up the Cuban shirt was a staple in Miami menswear and I wanted the design to focus on that style. The durag veil was a feminine element that was inspired by a runway show's last wedding look, I almost scrapped it from the look and the fact that my looked closed the show confirms that it was meant to be.
Question: What was the process like creating a look that resonates with you?
Pierrah: It took some time to create the concept because I had to think of its intention - why I was creating this look in the first place. During the process, I visited Miami during Labor Day weekend. Going back home was a reminder of why I came to NYC in the first place - to tell stories. I'm a proud Haitian-American and always like to show people where I'm from through my work. The actual construction of the look was a huge learning moment for me, gaining knowledge of the fabrics and structure made me realize the importance of detail. Through fashion, I can celebrate diversity and explore hyperreality.
Question: Besides Fashion what else are you into?
Pierrah:   So much - I enjoy making and consider myself a creative renaissance woman because of the various spaces I create within. The three main subjects I always stay up to date on is fashion, music, and film since the visuals I enjoy creating involves all three. More so, my creative process stems from creative technology and digital design. As a model, I enjoy working with brands that I resonate with. When I'm not developing content, I am studying 3D design, doing social media strategy for work, or supporting my friends at their shows.
Although Pierrah wasn't the winner of Adidas Boost Your Style her designed look was an audience favorite and stole the show. Currently working on her second short film and developing a new Youtube Series around fashion, she is making her stamp in the industry. She is destined for greatness and we look forward to seeing what she does next in the future when it comes to fashion, film or modeling. Pierrah is an all-around star.