Power Of Sound

A global journey to discover what the ancients knew and what it means for us now.


Recognized as a global thought leader, innovative change maker and world-class film- maker, Mark Robertson has worked with disengaged and at-risk youth for more than 15 years. As One Vision Productions Founding Director, Mark is a regular keynote speaker at industry forums and events. His work with Indigenous youth and film-making has earned him national recognition, being one of twenty Australians to meet his Royal Highness Prince Harry at Kirribilli House in 2013. In 2009 he was awarded the Young Social Pioneer of the Year Award for the delivery of his innovative programs, designed to create social and educational change; and again recently in 2017 with a Winston Churchill Fellowship. Mark founded One Vision Productions on the principal of ‘Empowering youth to make positive life choices’ utilizing film and music as a platform to raise awareness and create social change’.