City’s Champion

From beginning to end, a journey of glory and pain for a men’s basketball team that became a family of brothers and made history for the city of San Diego in 2017.


David Pradel is a student filmmaker based in San Diego, California, and he is set to graduate from San Diego State University next year with a bachelor’s degree in TV and Film Production. David works part-time as a production assistant at a San Diego news station, and is also a freelance sports photographer. David’s filmmaking career started from his sports journalism career and passion for television sports production, which is how David captured his first unexpected feature-length sports documentary film titled “The City’s Champions.” Pradel was a former athlete in high school but because of injuries, he grew more passionate on the sidelines with the camera and the art of storytelling. David has hopes to produce more sports stories in the future, and has a dream of creating a sports television drama that centers around mental illness in the sports world, and the true story of “The City’s Champions.”

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