Dance Into the Party

The “Dance into the Party” music video, directed by Wayne Isham, opens with Ari and her dancers [in black] rehearsing in a studio space. On the opposite side of the building, a rival group [in red] rehearses. The main dancer of the rival group enters Ari’s studio space and challenges her abilities in a dance-off. The two have a history, but the door is slightly open for potential reconciliation when they dance together in a moment of fantasy. Back to reality, Ari agrees to take the clash to the next level. The black team and red team back up their respective leaders (Ari and her lead guy), heightening tensions. The track transitions, and Ari’s spoken words reflect the groups’ internal conflict. As a result of this “breakdown moment”, both groups come to understand that they have more similarities than differences. In the final dance, everybody comes together united. As fantasy becomes reality, we see their passion for dance and power shine through, within a spirit of respect and profound acceptance.