For The Love Of Music

For the Love of Musiq, is a short film based off the real life events of Ty Powell (Destiny) a product of the 80’s crackepidemic. Destiny spends her youth and much of her young adult life as a ward of the state of NY struggling desperately in her search for love and acceptance. Despite the horrific circumstances she endures, Destiny finds solace in her love of music and belief in humanity.

This film is a gripping story that looks to be not just a cautionary tale for our young women growing up in search of love,but also a guide to help our youth feel inspired and encouraged to know that they aren’t alone and that there is hope.Unlike similar contemporaries Pariah and Precious, For The Love of Musiq, finds the balance between heartache, humor and perseverance.

For The Love of Musiq is an adaption of Ty Powell’s, Author, Producer, book of the same name. Directed and Written by Chad Quinn (Mixed, Perceptions, #Trending) and Omarr Salgado, Executive Producer, Actor (Perceptions, 2 Days in Harlem), presents an amazing ensemble staring Andrea Rachel Parker (Power, The Deuce), Bryan Terrell Clark (Hamilton on Broadway), Malinda Williams (First Sunday, Soul Food), along with a host of other stand out talents.