He Ain’t My Father

Follow along this urban Drama-Comedy short film, as boyfriend/step-father Darrell Shipman, played by actor Alkariem Johnson, attempts to assure his live in girlfriend Renee Smallwood, played by actress Synethia Bland, that he is responsible enough to be the authority figure that ensures the chores she left for her energetic kids, gets done while she’s at work.

In the midst of attempting to watch reality t.v. in the living room area of the apartment, Darrell is confronted with the same list of chores he is left to delegate, as Renee has communicated to her kids. At the very moment Renee is issuing his task for the day before she heads out to work, they are interrupted by the kids dancing, playing music, games and running through the house. As Renee leaves out for work, Darrell handles the situation by narrating his actual thoughts, over the actions of doing the total opposite of his narration. After eventually taking the two oldest kids outside for a game of basketball, he ends up having to be the responsible guardian, in Renees’ absence, when the oldest gets into some trouble with a security officer.