Wicked Wednesday

In Portland, Oregon, a city not historically associated with a thriving hip-hop scene, DJ Wicked has been hosting a weekly celebration of all things hip-hop for 20 years running. This documentary film delves deep into the local event that has stood the test of time, hearing from long-time fans and friends about what makes Wicked Wednesday so durable, so unique, and so beloved.

Kicking off with Wicked Wednesday’s 19th anniversary party, the film taps into the soul of the event that has become the de facto heart of the Portland hip-hop community. By turns a DJ showcase, performance venue, open mic night, graffiti art collective, DJ school, community gathering place, and much more, Wicked Wednesday serves as Portland’s weekly love letter to hip-hop.

The venue may change over the course of 20 years (and twice during the film), but the enduring identity and emotion attached to Wicked Wednesday is evident in interviews with both longtime collaborators and recent admirers alike.

While the patrons will agree that the feeling for and attachment to the music and the culture is heartfelt and strong, all will point out that Wicked Wednesday’s survival is owed to the will and dedication of the one man who has carried it through two decades and beyond.