Block 1

august 2nd | 1pm - 4pm


Can't Create The World Twice

Underground Tantrum

Block 2

august 2nd | 4:30pm - 7:30pm


Assassins Bleed

Embrace The Rain

The Funk Doctor

Wicked Wednesday

Block 3

august 2nd | 8pm - 11pm


REPAIRations : The Musical

8 Million Miles From Hintahood

Fantastic: The Legacy Of Slum Village

Block 4

august 2nd | 1:30pm - 4pm





Block 5

august 2nd | 4:30pm - 7pm


Little Sabrina

Race. Rap. Revolt.

Verses @ Work

Block 6

august 3rd | 1pm - 3:30pm


Dance Into The Party


Life In Action


Block 7

august 3rd | 4pm - 6:30pm


FADE: Fear Against Dark Enemies



Wanna Love You

New York To Conakry

Block 8

august 3rd | 7pm - 10pm


The Urban Web Summit


Block 9

august 3rd | 1pm - 3:30pm


Follow The Leader


Hip 2 Da Hop

Block 10

august 3rd | 4pm - 6:30pm



By Any Means

The Wrong Ones

Best Of Two Evils

Block 11

august 3rd | 7pm - 10pm


Dumb Dumb

Vilified Banker

Dirty Money

And There Were Four

Block 12

august 4th | 1:30pm - 4pm


Do Not Disturb

Getting Over


City Of Light


Block 13

august 4th | 4:30pm - 7:30pm


Dial Your Phone

Bad Romance

Her Being Home

One Bedroom

Block 14

august 4th | 8pm - 10pm



Still Water Runs Deep

Blue Diamonds

While Knuckle

Paris Blues In Harlem

Block 15

august 4th | 4:30pm - 7pm


Dangerous Crossings

War Child


Believe The Beat

Block 16

august 4th | 7:30pm - 10:30pm


American Legend

Rolling In The Deep

Stay Woke

Wrath City

What Matters

Block 17

august 5th | 12pm - 2pm


Ooohs And Ahhhs

The Fifth King

The Miracle In Manhattan

Block 18

august 5th | 2pm - 4:30pm


Act Up!

Screenwriter's Showcase

Powered by Final Draft

Block 19

august 5th | 2:30pm - 4:30pm


The Swirl



Block 20

august 5th | 5pm - 7:30pm


Dedicate Love Something

Fear No Gumbo