May 4th - May 9th 

WITS School of the Arts

Johannesburg, South Africa

One filmmaker from the southern region of Africa will be selected to screen in competition at the Hip Hop Film Festival in New York City.



Days of Fresh


Master Cyphers





WHAT To Expect

Hollywood Insiders and top South African celebrities join our Master Cyphers

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From Life to Screen : Creating Narratives For a Global Audience

An intimate master class with men and women who have changed world views and opinion through documentary work.

The Heads Up : Out of the Box Ways to Finance & Market Your Film
 CR Capers teaches participants how to use free and readily accessible to resources to market, finance and distribute their projects.
#BossChicks : Women In Film
CR leads this master cypher with women who have dedicated their lives to changing the narrative by creating movies, institutions, foundations, companies and new media hubs focused on narratives.
The Art of the Score : The Convergence of Music & Film

Many of our youth are interested in “leveling up” by becoming a rapper or musician, but the film scoring industry is more lucrative and attainable than a record deal.  Our aim is to show these young entrepreneurs how to scale their music brand/career by incorporating film scoring.

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