The best way to describe me is a splash of Andre Leon Talley, A tablespoon of Jeremy Scoot and a sprinkle of Spike Lee...” - Armiel Chandler

Meet Armiel Chandler. He is a filmmaker, blogger and content creator. Growing up he found his passion in the arts, and focused on filmmaking, which allowed him to share his personal experiences to inspire the youth. He got his start as a filmmaker at  DCTV (Downtown Community Television Center) which gave him an opportunity to elevate his skills. His first Documentary “Are You An Oreo” , began to open up doors where he was given the chance to become a teaching instructor for 3 years. He continued working on projects that tackled various topics in the African American culture such as cultural appropriation, depression, racism, and colorism.

Two of his films, as well as one of his student films, “Our Camera, My Story”, were nominated at Tribeca Film Festival. He’s been seen on Sirius XM's “Perri Peltz” show as well as NBC and many more.

Currently, Armiel is the lead content creator at Hip Hop Film Festival and Harlem Film House, where he directs and curates  “The 411” IGTV series. In the Spring of 2020, he hopes to conclude his 3-part series  Être Noir (Being Black), which discusses aggressions African Americans experience on a daily basis. Armiel’s main goal is to inspire the youth to never give up on themselves.

To learn more about Armiel Chandler check out the episode of “The 411” on Hip Hop Film Festival IGTV to learn more about this talented creative.