“Filmmaking has become a lifestyle for me not just a career goal”  - Heman Armstrong

Meet Heman Armstrong, a 23 Guyanese filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York who explores the topics of suicide, substance abuse and seeking help. Using inspiration from music and A$AP Rocky, his work primarily focuses on mental health awareness to help create conversations about things that are taboo in the African American community. He made multiple short films, music videos, documentaries, and creative videos that express different artistic themes.

Starting with photography, he gravitated towards film to create and express his feelings on topics that were personal. Shortly after being diagnosed with severe anxiety attacks and chronic depression, filmmaking became his outlet to inspire others. Since graduating with his Bachelor's degree in Cinematography at Binghamton University, Heman continues to inspire the youth with his captivating pieces.

His recent projects The S Project & Hood Disease uniquely discussed mental health visually, which gave him exposure through different media outlets such as Bronxnet, Brooklyn News 12 & many more. Currently, Heman is working on various projects that deal with mental health and inspiring the youth.

 To learn more about Heman Armstrong check out the episode of “The 411” on Hip Hop Film Festival IGTV to learn more about this talented creative.

written by Armiel Chandlier for Harlem Film House