Hip Hop is known for style, swag, and appearance. It gives you an opportunity to create different versions of yourself through Clothing. Fashion is freedom to be your authentic self. If fashion is a freedom of expression why is it categorized into genders? Women are allowed to express their self through any type of clothing but when it comes to men sexuality comes into play. As a society, we have been conditioned to fit the norms of what people want us to be rather than who we are.

Prince Rogers Nelson was an all-around badass who changed the aspect of gender when it comes to clothing. As time evolved in the 80s Prince expressed his self through his music and fashion. He wore a lot of blouses, mesh and see-through material that were categorized as "women clothing". People viewed his style as eccentric rather than different. What set Prince apart from others was his confidence.

His style was described as androgynous. What made him confident is the fact that he wasn’t scared to embrace his feminine side. Being African American There’s a stigma that men have to always be masculine. This stigma carried over to Hip Hop music and how African Americans view men Style. Prince opened doors up for African American men to embrace their feminine and masculine side when it comes to fashion. His Confidence allowed the new generations to see clothing as clothing and not a gender attached to it.

So I know what you're thinking. You probably like "why clothing ?" Or "how can clothing be gender-less" and the answer is pretty simple. Society attaches a gender to clothing when in all actuality you can wear whatever you want.

One of the things that caught wave was Lil Uzi Vert in 2018 wearing a $410 women's t-shirt with his outfit. It caught attention to Hip Hop Og's where they compared the hip hop fashion in the 1990s to the present fashion. Hip hop has this stigma when it comes to men and style where they have to dress masculine in order for their music to be taken serious. The new generation view clothing as a form of art. Whatever match they aesthetic and style they would wear no matter the gender.



Clothing doesn't really have a gender once you take away the categories society put next to each material. Fashion is all about what makes you feel comfortable and stylish. Hip hop is all about style, music & appearance. Clothing shouldn't have a gender attached to it so it can allow everyone to be free without being judged or ridiculed. Wear what makes you feel stylish because that's what fashion is about. It's about different perspectives coming together sharing experiences and learning from one another.