The 411

Does Clothing Have A Gender?

  Hip Hop is known for style, swag, and appearance. It gives you an opportunity to create different versions of yourself through Clothing. Fashion is freedom to be your authentic self. If fashion is a freedom of expression why is it categorized into genders? Women are allowed to express their self through any type of […]


One word comes to mind when you usually think of black culture and that’s Essence. There’s a certain type of swag when it comes to the confidence and personality that’s attached to African American culture. Essence makes sure black women come first in news, entertainment and motivation. They revolutionized the magazine industry and has become […]

The Masters Unite For Cyphers at the 2019 Hip Hop Film Festival

In the culture, a cypher is where we share 360 degrees of knowledge.  At the Hip Hop Film Festival, we bring the Masters of the game and put them in a cypher with our filmmakers and festival attendees for a pure exchange of knowledge and resources.  Unique only to HHFF, we call it our MASTER […]