The 411

The 411 : Artie Brennan

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE AT THE HIP HOP FILM FESTIVAL The Hip Hop Film Festival was amazing for me. When I received the notification that my comedy mockumentary, “Snuffalagaghost: Hip Hop’s First Stylist”, was accepted into the fest I was floored. Two of my greatest loves (Hip Hop and Film) were joining forces at […]

The 411 : Armiel Chandler

“The best way to describe me is a splash of Andre Leon Talley, A tablespoon of Jeremy Scoot and a sprinkle of Spike Lee…” – Armiel Chandler Meet Armiel Chandler. He is a filmmaker, blogger and content creator. Growing up he found his passion in the arts, and focused on filmmaking, which allowed him to […]

The 411 : Heman

“Filmmaking has become a lifestyle for me not just a career goal”  – Heman Armstrong Meet Heman Armstrong, a 23 Guyanese filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York who explores the topics of suicide, substance abuse and seeking help. Using inspiration from music and A$AP Rocky, his work primarily focuses on mental health awareness to help create […]