When you’re a creative you have to take risks...” - Shannese Charles

Meet Shannese Charles better known as ShaySayss. A Brooklyn native Grenadian & Jamaican, media personality who enjoys changing the world with her voice. As a child in a creative writing class, she discovered her voice through writing and communication. After high school, she figured out how to capitalize off her talent and build her brand. Studying Television and radio At Brooklyn College, Shaysayss was ready to hone in on her skills and make a mark in this industry.

She began to build her brand “Shaysayss” when she started her first radio show with WCBR at Brooklyn College. She developed a youtube channel & through the college years obtained numerous internships in the media. Starting from the ground up, she started building her contacts by interning for major heavy hitters in the industry such as Angie Martinez, Emez and Dj Suss One.

Graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in TV&Radio in addition to two minors within the fields of Marketing and Philosophy, Shannese was ready to put her media personality “Shaysayss” on the map. Quickly after interning at Viacom, she was hired as an executive assistant for Comedy Central Paramount, TV Land & Nickelodeon. Shannesse recently landed her first gig as an on-air personality of her radio show called shaysayss radio streaming on Party 109.1& Iheart radio.

To learn more about Shaysayss check out the episode of “The 411” on Hip Hop Film Festival's IGTV to learn more about this talented creative.